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Teddy Drivas

Teddy Drivas, combined degree student (MD/Ph.D)


Dr. Theodore Drivas received his MD, PhD on May 2015 and is now a resident in internal medicine at Columbia. Dr. Theodore Drivas received his BS from Johns Hopkins University with a major in Classics. While an undergraduate, he also carried out cell biological studies at the Rockefeller University. He is currently a combined (MD, Ph.D) student at University of Pennsylvania and completed his Ph.D in the lab of Dr. Jean Bennett in October 2013. His Ph.d studies focussed on characterization of the gene CEP290, which encodes the centrosomal 290kda protein. Mutations in CEP290 have been associated with a range of conditions, going from congenital blindness to embryonic lethality. His Ph.D studies determined the roles of various segments of this gene/protein, including those that are important with respect to cilia structure and function. Dr. Drivas is the recipient of the prestigious Saul Winegrad award for his research. Dr. Drivas is completing his medical training and then will pursue additional post-graduate/clinical studies. In his spare time, Dr. Drivas is a marvelous chef and brewer.