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Sergei Nikonov

Sergei Nikonov, Senior Research Investigator 

Sergei Nikonov , Ph.D., is a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania who has concentrated his efforts in translational studies of retinal diseases. He graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia and pursued his electrophysiology training at  the Institute of Cell Biophysics and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia. He is trained in patch clamp recording, mathematical modeling, design and development of electrophysiological instruments, and programming for data acquisition and data analysis .  He won the FASEB award in 2003 which is a travel award based on the results of the poster session. His interests in research include retinal electrophysiology and imaging (intracellular signal transmission, retinal wiring, restoration of light responsivity to degenerated retinas).  In his free time, he enjoys reading about history as well as drawing, painting, and bicycling.