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Jean Bennett

Dr Jean Bennett

Professor, Ophthalmology and Cell & Developmental Biology. at UPenn; Researcher at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)); Director of CAROT


Jean Bennett, MD, PhD has been developing gene transfer/gene therapy strategies for 3 decades and has been working specifically on eye diseases for the past two decades. Jean received her B.S. in Honors Biology from Yale University in 1976 and her Ph.D. in 1980 in Zoology and Cell and Developmental Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. After a fellowship in Anatomy, Radiobiology and Environmental Health at UCSF (which involved a collaboration in the newly developing field of gene therapy), she received her M.D. in 1986 from Harvard Medical School.  Jean carried out a fellowship in Human Genetics at Yale University School of Medicine and in Developmental Genetics at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institution. The goals of Jean’s research program are to improve our understanding of the molecular bases of and to develop therapies for inherited retinal degenerations. She works closely with her husband, Albert M. Maguire, MD, a vitreo-retinal surgeon at UPenn, on this research. Their research has established the scientific underpinnings which made possible to test the first potential definitive retinal gene therapy treatment for patients with blinding retinal degenerations. In her free time, Jean enjoys playing the piano, raising honeybees, playing with her dogs (former patients in gene therapy studies), and farming.